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Hancher Auditorium

The newly constructed Hancher building needed a website that would market performances being held there, as well as advertise the new building itself. The website required an appealing, accessible design that included clearly visible event dates and times, a separate informational page for each performance, and direct links to sites that facilitate ticket purchases.
Drupal's existing mini-calendar module was bulky and insufficient, as it redirected users to other pages and was somewhat difficult to operate. Hancher wanted a more accessible mini-calendar on the home page, with instant pop-up windows and no necessary page redirection.
A custom module was written by an ITS Web Developer and added to the site. A user can now manipulate the calendar on the home screen, without being redirected to another page. All of the events in a given month are clearly marked and highlighted, and the mini-calendar allows for quick information access without extra loading time.