Frequently Asked Questions


We have separate documentation based on the SiteNow platform. If you are unsure which platform your site was built on, feel free to contact us.

SiteNow v1  - also known as "SiteNow Standard".

SiteNow v2

"SiteNow Custom" websites can refer to SiteNow v1 documentation for some things, but ultimately, these sites were developed based on custom requirements from the site owner and may differ from SiteNow v1. Contact us to find out if any documentation was written specific to your website.

We offer periodic training sessions and will send out details when training events are scheduled. If you would like to receive these and other SiteNow announcements, you can sign up using the form at

If you need assistance with a particular issue, first check out our documentation and if that doesn’t help, we suggest contacting the ITS HelpDesk and describing what you are trying to do. One of our team members should be able to respond to the issue.

The SiteNow v1 platform will not be supported after November 2021. ITS has developed SiteNow v2 as a replacement for websites to migrate to.

Update: The Drupal Association has extended the end-of-life of Drupal 7 to November 2022, due to COVID-19.

Webmasters within a website can add and grant access to other users that have a valid HawkID. See User Management and Roles. Please try to reach out to the website owner first to obtain access.

In order for us to step in and provide access, we will reach out to the most recently active webmaster on the site and ask for approval before granting access.

In cases where the site owners are no longer with the University of Iowa and are unreachable, you must provide us with certain details that prove you are associated with the department/organization/group related to the site before you are given access.

We currently do not support the placement of social media timeline widgets like Facebook and Twitter. This was available on SiteNow v1.

While we haven't ruled out supporting them in the future, here are a few things to consider:

  • There are accessibility issues with both the Facebook and Twitter widgets.
  • More browsers and browser extensions are blocking the render of these widgets by default through "do not track" concerns.
  • There have been some usability studies that suggest website visitors don't care to scroll through external content and that if they are interested in a website's social media presence they connect through links on the website or directly through their platform of choice.

Alternatively, we do provide embed options for individual Facebook and Instagram posts, Youtube and Vimeo videos and Twitter "tweets." Also, we provide a "Social Media" menu where you can provide links/icons to social media pages that is displayed in the footer of the website.