Card Block

With the Card block, you can use any combination of image, title, author and text.  


You have the ability to select the heading level of the card title. Heading 2 is set by default, but may need to be adjusted depending on where you nest the card block within the page. 


The excerpt will be used for longer, descriptive text. It will be displayed under the title fields.


Additionally, you can wrap the card in an accessible, clickable link. The ‘Link text’ will appear as a button below the card excerpt. The text should clarify where users will be directed when they click on the selected card block.


When you upload the image, you will be asked to fill in a required accessible alternative text value and an optional global caption for each image. 

Image Specifications

For details, see the Image Specifications documentation.


The optional Author field is displayed as a subtitle below the card block title

Override Block Styles

If checked, you have the option to apply a border around the selected card and/or stack the card fields horizontally where the image is displayed next to the fields instead of the vertical default layout where the image appears above the fields.

Block Restrictions

The card block is available in the following section layouts:

  • One column - ONLY available with the 'Card: Horizontal' style override
  • Two column
  • Three column
  • Four column